September 17th, 2015 General Meeting Minutes

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South Tabor Neighborhood Association
Minutes of September 17, 2015

Present: Duane Hanson, Shem Harding, Scott Hay, Tin Le, Ute Munger, Mindy Rothbard, Lindsay Schafer, Ashe Urban.

Meeting was called to order at 7:08pm

No Police Officer present

LU committee chair Shem Harding was out of town for the scheduled meeting on 9/15/15. Lindsay Schafer, STNA representative at SEUL, welcomed 4 neighbors on that evening and handed out an informative package of Kellogg School’s reopening to PPS trainings starting October 2015 and to students K-8 in 2017-18.

Expenses of $29.90 to Ruby Hanson for coffee and various expenses for Harvest Festival, and expenses for Welcome bags and a log for the lending of STNA property of $46. 82 to Ute Munger were presented for payment. A motion to pay both requests was made by Ute, seconded by Shem. It passed unanimously.

Old Biz:
– Duane talked with Jesse at Heiberg re the late charge of $8.+ which was then waived.
– Duane reported that the first Neighborhood-Wide Yard Sale had 19 official participants who each paid $10. Directional maps for the participating neighbors were printed at a price of $4. each. A profit to STNA of $114. was registered.
– Duane reported of the successful 6th Annual Harvest Festival. Fortunately STNA again was able to borrow a cider press from Portland Nursery and purchase at reduced cost ($117.00) for a 400 lb crate of Honeycrisp apples. Duane managed to receive free straw bales as well as have three bands playing gratis. Trinity Fellowship cut their Sunday Service short and many from the congregation helped with Set-Up and offered free hot dogs to volunteers. The raffle held incredible prizes this year. Net profit from the Harvest Fest to STNA was $275.95
– Tin Le, DMD, suggested to form a committee to plan a way to have a ‘paying forward’ system created and put into action. He would offer a reduced fee for dental work at a limited number per month for volunteers.
– A late notice on 9/24/15 was given of the SEUL reimbursement for the 2015 Annual Clean Up. The amount of $855.00 was deposited into the STNA account.

New Biz:
– A discussion of Kellogg School’s reopening briefly ensued for the benefit of newcomers to this meeting.
– Trinity Fellowship will be invited again next year to partake at the Harvest Festival.
– Michael Molinaro, LUC Co-Chair Sunnyside & SEUL Board member at large, sent a written suggestion to SEUL LUC chairs of, among other things, ‘polling’ our neighborhoods to determine the ‘fabric’ of them. A discussion ensued re residential legalizing ADU’s, skinny houses, needs and wants of neighborhood, physical characteristics, what needs improvement, renewal, reaching out to neighborhood for ‘polling’.
– Bureau of Planning and Sustainability SE District Liaison Marty Stockton will attend the October Land Use Committee meeting to discuss the latest Recommended Draft of the Comprehensive Plan. It includes revisions to commercial zoning recommendations in the South Tabor neighborhood. Meeting is set for October 20, 2015, 7pm at Trinity Fellowship.
August Minutes were read and motioned to approve by Shem, seconded by Lindsay. Passed unanimously.

A polling of visioning for STNA was conducted at the Harvest Festival and Ashe Urban revisited a brief repeat at this meeting. The results were:
– outdoor/covered venue
– more schools
– density s/b meeting the community needs and not developers needs
– multigenerational (the current majority is a 34 yr. old male professional resident)
– team work/block parties
– large library/tech space = mixed use
– pathways thru Clinton
– organic grocery store
– low water use projects/solar panels
– more bathrooms in parks
– no more row houses
– sidewalk west of 62nd on Woodward

Ashe also suggested a possible location change for monthly meetings since some people object to a church as meeting place.

Meeting adjourned at 8:38pm

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