Neighborhood Items that can be Borrowed

Items to borrow:

  • 1 folding picnic table
  • colored plastic bowls
  • lg. colored plastic plates
  • plastic 12 oz tumblers
  • STNA melamine plates w/ old STNA logo
  • 1 red plastic carrying container
  • 3 plastic boxes of misc. silverware (2), plastic cutlery (1)
  • 2 cutting boards , 1 green, 1 heavy white
  • 2 water coolers (1 blue, 1 orange)
  • 1 Book, on MaryLouise Ott

Borrowing guidelines:

  1. Residents of South Tabor can borrow items from the South Tabor Neighborhood Association with a check-out system.
  2. A designated volunteer will be present for the loaning of items and will make notations in a log as to the quantity and what the items are, as well as the date they will need to be returned in a clean and sanitary condition.Name, address and telephone number will be required for borrowing items.
    Please bring picture identification, with your address if possible.
  3. Length of time to borrow items is two weeks.
    Arrangements can be made and noted in the log for longer borrowing times.
  4. Items are located at Trinity Fellowship Church, 2700 SE 67th Ave.
  5. Checkout dates will be by appointment only on any Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday from 9am to 2pm- depending on church business hours. *
  6. Please email for more information.

* If neither days or hours are possible, a request can be put in and the order picked up at an arranged place and time.

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