SE Division Safety Final Meeting April 23rd

April 14, 2013 Comments Off on SE Division Safety Final Meeting April 23rd

Re-striping of Division from four lanes to three could happen as soon as this summer. Please join us at the final public meeting on April 23rd, 6:30 to 8:30 pm at Warner Pacific

After years of attempting to put Division street between 60th and 82nd avenue on the radar of Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT), efforts are finally beginning to pay off.  

Over the past year, the South Tabor and Mount Tabor Neighborhood Associations have been working with the Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) and community members to find a way to make SE Division St. (from 60th to 80th) safer for pedestrians, cars, bikes, and other users. (SE Division St. is one of the most dangerous streets in Portland!)

Community members and PBOT together have determined that the best strategy is to reconfigure the lanes on SE Division St.–from 60th to 80th:

  • from two traffic lanes in each direction
  • to one traffic lane in each direction, with a center turn lane, and bike lanes on the sides; and to install a number of pedestrian safety improvements.

The restriping of the lanes on Division (from 60th to 80th) could happen as soon as this summer (2013).

Community members have said very clearly that they want a voice in the design of the pedestrian improvements—and other changes—needed for this project to meet the community’s safety goals. They also want these improvements to happen as soon as possible.

Come to the community meeting on April 23! Give your input on issues including:

  • where to put pedestrian island and cross walks and other pedestrian improvements;
  • how to ensure that people can make left turns from existing, businesses and institutions;

Learn ways that community concerns are being addressed by the project design.

  • ways to increase the flow of buses and limit the potential for buses blocking traffic;
  • the design of the bike lanes;
  • concerns about the potential for accidents in the dedicated turn lane;
  • ways to preserve traffic flow at the 60th intersection; and
  • ways to help bikes get safely from Division St. to the bikeway on Lincoln St.

This community meeting is co-hosted by Mt. Tabor Neighborhood Association, South Tabor Neighborhood Association, Warner Pacific College and the Portland Bureau of Transportation.

Click here to visit the PBOT site for more information about the project.

You can also contact the STNA Division Safety coordinator, MaryLouise Ott, directly.




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