Improving Pedestrian and Bicycle Access to Mt. Tabor Park

December 1, 2013 Comments Off on Improving Pedestrian and Bicycle Access to Mt. Tabor Park

Our neighborhood is blessed with Mt. Tabor Park and it’s paths, reservoirs, dog park, tennis courts and open spaces. Although the Mt. Tabor, North Tabor, and Montavilla neighborhoods have multiple safe and accessible entrances to Mt. Tabor Park on the west, north, and east, there is no good pedestrian or bike access to the park from the south. A group of neighborhood residents with representatives from STNA, Mount Tabor Neighborhood Association (MTNA), and Friends of Mt. Tabor Park (FMTP) have formed the Mt. Tabor Park Access at 64th Committee to pursue improved pedestrian and bicycle access from South Tabor to the park.

In 2008 Portland Parks and Recreation (PPR) with significant input from STNA, MTNA, and others in the community, created a detailed plan to build an access path from SE Division Street to Mt Tabor Park at 64th Avenue. Although the completed plan was approved by the City of Portland in 2009 and included in last year’s Capital Improvement Plan, due to financial constraints at the City, the project was dropped from the current year’s budget. With the planning phases for next year’s budget currently underway, now is the time to voice neighborhood priorities and get this project back on track.

If you would like to learn more about the access path and history of the project, learn what the Committee is doing, or want to get involved, please contact Allen Vogt at

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