Garden Exchange Gains Interest, Momentum

July 30, 2012 Comments Off on Garden Exchange Gains Interest, Momentum

A neighbor-to-neighbor garden exchange table has been set up in the driveway between 63rd and 64th and Franklin. It was quite active during the transplanting season, but has since tapered off with warmer weather. Jana Thockmorton is leading this effort and is hoping to connect with neighbors who refrain from using chemicals, and who desire to share not only plants and seeds, but also the bounty that harvest season brings.

Thockmorton says, “I’ve met so many neighbors and am growing some wonderful things in my garden this year from many of you! So many neighbors come by and say…what is that? Could I get a start, or a seed? And of course the answer is always–YES!!” 

A weekly time frame for sharing is being developed to prevent items from being set down and forgotten.

“The initial goal of several was to share plants and seeds with neighbors. The idea is to share mindfully, trade one for one–and the like.” Thockmorton states.

If you have comments or suggestions for this community building effort

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