Concerned About Crime? Join the Crimewatch Movement

February 24, 2013 Comments Off on Concerned About Crime? Join the Crimewatch Movement

Long time neighborhood resident, Duane Hanson, has first hand experience with crime in the neighborhood. Perhaps a bit too much. In an effort to help make South Tabor a safer place to live, work and play, Duane has stepped up to serve as a Crimewatch Block Captain close to home–and urges residents from other parts of South Tabor to do the same. Below is his story.

Our home is on a corner.  We have a large hedge along one side.  Over the eight plus years I’ve been here, we’ve endured at least six incidents of theft, including bike theft, car prowl(s), roofing material theft, late-night fruit tree ‘harvests’, a garage break-in, and one incident where thieves used a cordless saw to remove the entire exhaust system from our 4X4…which was parked on our lawn!

I’m certain that owning large dogs is all that has saved our house from being robbed.

I don’t wish to be mad, nor afraid.  To this end, I’ve started a “Crimewatch” with several nearby neighbors.  It’s basically a phone tree, which allows neighobrs to touch base in the event that suspicious activities/person(s) are observed near each others property.  A simple phone tree can be a mighty nice tool.

Funding for “Crimewatch” signs for Duane to post near his home has been approved.  He will also be available to provide additional information at the “National Night Out” this coming August 2013. To connect with Duane directly, email

Thanks for all you do Duane!

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