Block Districts – A New Way of Seeing Our Neighborhood

October 2, 2013 Comments Off on Block Districts – A New Way of Seeing Our Neighborhood

It’s been said that Portland is a “City of Neighborhoods”. What if we looked at our neighborhood as a collection of micro-communities? If you talk to enough neighbors in South Tabor, you’ll find that there are already a good number of blocks that have formed their own small communities.

Maybe you are part of a Neighborhood Watch program, or participate in an annual Block Party. Maybe you share household items and extra garden produce with your neighbors. You might just already be part of a micro-community.

South Tabor Block Districts is a new initiative designed to help connect already existing communities, and form new ones. To sign up to the Block District email list, ask questions, help with the project, or provide information about your block, contact Lars Jorgensen at

There are currently flyers promoting Block Districts, located in the information kiosks around the neighborhood. Take a few to discuss with your neighbors. So far 6 Block Districts have been drawn, with more in the works. The next committee meeting to work on the project will be held on Thursday, November 7th at 7pm, location TBA.

View the Block District Map and get more info here.

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