Update on unofficial dog park at Trinity Fellowship Church

March 21, 2015 Comments Off on Update on unofficial dog park at Trinity Fellowship Church

Update on the unofficial dog park at Trinity Fellowship Church…

Trinity has communicated to STNA that they WILL be CLOSING their back lawn to dogs sometime in the next couple of weeks. They unfortunately do not have the budget or the manpower to maintain the turf, fill in holes dug by dogs, pick up dog poop, or dispose of dog poop that has been scooped but not disposed of.

There were several dog-owning neighbors who came to the meeting, who really love using the ‘dog park’ at Trinity, and have seen that the back lawn is a very well-loved space, used by all sorts – kids, dogs, evening strolls, etc. All of us at the meeting would like to see our neighborhood do something to convince Trinity to not close the back lawn. I’m sure the neighborhood will have to present a plan to Trinity that shows that their neighbors are willing to help maintain the area.

We’re hoping to get some people together to brainstorm ideas about helping Trinity keep the back lawn open. Can we maintain some containers for scooping dog poop? Can we buy some dirt and fill in holes once a month? Etc.

If you are interested in being part of this group, please send a message to president@southtabor.org.

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