Update on the Franklin High School Modernization Project

June 9, 2015 Comments Off on Update on the Franklin High School Modernization Project

Here is the Franklin HS Modernization June 2015 Milestone List for June.

June 11th Last Day of School for Students

June 12th – July 2nd Relocate Franklin Highs School to Marshall Campus

June 15th Installation of Temporary Construction Fencing begins

Temporary Offices for Skanska/Portland Public Schools setup in Room 142

June 19th Last Day of access to Franklin High School for Staff & Public

June 22nd Bicycle/Pedestrian Path through Franklin site closes until September 2017

June 22nd Demolition & Abatement of Gym, 50’s Building and Shops Begins

July 6th Entire site turned over to Skanska (General Contractor)

Skanska/Portland Public Schools move to job trailers

Remember to check the website http://www.pps.k12.or.us/bond/8495.htm for updates and more information about the work that is being done. If you have any other questions regarding Bond Communications, please feel free to contact David Mayne at dmayne@pps.net.

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