SE Woodward repaved!

September 2, 2019 Comments Off on SE Woodward repaved!

SE Woodward St. from SE 52nd to SE 74th Ave. has finally been repaved. The smoother road surface is a big improvement for those riding bikes, skateboards, and scooters. Drivers seem to be enjoying it as well (some maybe a little too much). Speed bumps between SE 52nd and SE 62nd should be in by October.

STNA’s land use committee also led a signature drive this spring to get several orange “SLOW DOWN” yard signs from PBOT. We placed the signs near the narrow, sidewalk-less section of Woodward between SE 61st and 62nd, just in time for the new school year.

Person on bicycle at intersection with Slow Down sign

We were not successful in our request to reduce the speed limit to 15 mph in this section. But PBOT did perform a traffic count. They found that vehicle counts during the peak times before and after school exceed the upper limits for a neighborhood greenway. The lack of sidewalks is only making matters worse.

More to come later in September on other possible ways to keep our kids (and everyone) safe as they walk and bike along Woodward.

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