St. Mark’s Public Hearing Recap // NO Land Use Committee Meeting in February

February 6, 2020 Comments Off on St. Mark’s Public Hearing Recap // NO Land Use Committee Meeting in February

The public hearing for the Conditional Use Review of the St. Mark’s Church site at 5415 SE Powell (LU 19-246769 CU) took place on 2/5/20. Audio of the proceedings and any written testimony submitted can be found in this case folder. For more context, see our recent posts tagged “St. Mark’s Church.

I requested that the record be held open to allow for people to submit additional written arguments and evidence. If you’d like to offer your own testimony, see the schedule and details for that below.

Discussion focused on the proposal to reduce on-site parking spaces associated with the church use from 50 to 20, as well as requiring access easements or a revised conditional use boundary to ensure that the church would be able to access those parking spaces once the north lot is developed. The revised site plan on the final page of the Bureau of Development Services (BDS) staff report shows the area proposed to be removed from the conditional use boundary as well as what parking would remain on the church site.

The Hearings Officer took comment first from BDS and PBOT staff, then from the applicant (Read Stapleton of DOWL), then from the public. Several neighbors showed up, and a few testified. I offered comment on behalf of STNA and will be submitting a written summary/supplement to the hearings officer in the next few days. (UPDATE 2/10/20: Here is that written supplement.) Elizabeth Larsen, pastor at St. Mark’s, spoke briefly during the applicant’s final rebuttal at the end.

Open Record Period

The record will be held open for the following submissions:

  • 7 days for new testimony and evidence (must be received by 4pm on 2/12)
  • 7 days for testimony and evidence in response (must be received by 4pm on 2/19)
  • 7 days for applicant’s final legal brief (must be received by 4 p.m. on 2/26)

The Hearings Officer will render a decision within 17 days of the close of record.

Written testimony can be mailed, faxed, or hand delivered to the Hearings Office window. No email. See the Hearings Office contact info here. Include the case number (LU 19-246769 CU) and your name and address on any testimony. Whatever you submit will be part of the public record.

Feel free to email with any questions.

NO February Land Use Committee Meeting

Due to scheduling conflicts for both the land use chair and our SE Uplift LUTC rep, we will not have a land use committee meeting in February. That meeting had been scheduled for 2/18/20, but is now CANCELLED. Our next scheduled committee meeting will be on 3/17/20.

We will continue to post any land use notices or updates to this site in the meantime. You can also bring any topics or concerns to the next STNA general meeting on 2/20/20.

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