Land Use Notice: 3105 SE 78th Ave. (LU 23-112301 MLDP)

February 28, 2024 Comments Off on Land Use Notice: 3105 SE 78th Ave. (LU 23-112301 MLDP)

UPDATE 4/10/24: This proposal has been approved with conditions.

STNA received a notice (dated 2/27/24) of a Middle Housing Land Division Proposal at 3105 SE 78th Ave. The applicant is proposing to partition the site into three parcels to accommodate a total of three housing structures. Here’s the description from the notice:

The applicant has requested a Middle Housing Land Division to partition the subject site into 3 parcels. A middle housing land division allows sites with certain existing or proposed housing types to be divided concurrently with development or after development is complete. The middle housing development type that is proposed to be divided is a cottage cluster and will result in each unit being located on its own lot. Building permits are currently under inspection for the proposed development (RS 23-080157/168). Existing development will be retained as part of the cottage cluster.

The relevant approval criteria that the City will be looking at are listed in the notice. (I briefly looked at the site plan in relation to the zoning code, and I anticipate that the City will be fine with what’s proposed.)

Please read the notice for full details. If you would like to comment on the proposal, comments are due by email to the case planner by 5 p.m. on 3/12/24.

Our next scheduled land use committee meeting is after the comment deadline, so we will not have an opportunity to discuss this as a group before then. But feel free to email with any questions.

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