Meet Your Neighbor!

June 20, 2015 Comments Off on Meet Your Neighbor!
Meet Your Neighbor!

This is Karen Greear, who has lived in the South Tabor neighborhood for 20 years, with her husband and her dog.

Karen won first prize in the Frank E. Beach Visibility award in the Royal Rosarians Rose Garden Contest this last Tuesday.  This award is for residential or commercial gardens within the Portland city limits that have 12 or more roses planted visibly from the street, and is offered by the city of Portland, Parks and Recreation, Healthy Parks, and Healthy Portland. Judging is conducted by representatives from the city of Portland and from the Royal Rosarians.  Beach was a rose enthusiast and is co-credited with dubbing Portland the “City of Roses”.  He was an early advocate of the Rose Festival and aided in the formation of the Portland Rose Society.

Karen often followed her mom around the garden while she was a child, and that is where her love of gardening came from.  Some of the rose bushes at her house actually came from her mother, and are, as you can imagine, very old.

Karen is very proud of the fact that her roses and the rest of her garden are 100% organic.  She uses no pesticides or herbicides, and her roses look beautiful.

If you would like to see her award-winning roses, she invites you to stop by.  The roses are at the corner of SE 78th & Tibbetts.

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