How do I keep by kids busy?

April 1, 2020 Comments Off on How do I keep by kids busy?

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Most of the following posts give more information than I can in a couple pages so I’m posting the links here. One thing to consider is what you did when you were the age of your kids. We didn’t have all the electronic gadgets so we had to get creative. Let this be the opportunity for creativity to shine!

Zoos are hosting live videos about their animals. The zoologists are answering questions just like if you were there.  

PBS has educational videos for different ages at

Also games for younger kids:

Some random ideas:

  • Teach your kids some card games (if they don’t know them already) then challenge them to create their own card games- this can also work for board games, scavenger hunts, etc. 
  • If your kid has an interest let this be a time for it to be cultivated. Do they like to draw or write stories, give them space to explore this. 
  • Craft ideas that can be productive; sewing, crochet or knitting, cooking (if you have time to supervise). 

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