October 18, 2018 Meeting Minutes

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South Tabor Neighborhood Association, October 2018

October 18, 2018, 7:00pm

Board Members in attendance: Duane Hanson, President; Ute Munger, Treasurer; Tina Kimmey, Interim Secretary and SE Uplift Delegate.

Neighbors in attendance: Margie Chambers, Ron Chambers, Sarah Hughey, George Kepnick, K.F. Mundt, Wren Shiffler, Trevor Gill, Anna Lila Guenther, Kelly Delaney

Guest: Representative for Alissa Keny-Guyer, Amani Kelekele

Duane moves to approve September minutes with corrections. Ute 2nds, unanimously passes.

Treasurer’s report: Currently we have $4,488.55. Harvest Fest brought in $475.00, we had $235.09 in expenses for the festival which leaves us with $239.91.  We ordered 15 new Harvest Fest signs for $12 a piece (which is about half price) and some additional items for welcome baskets for $7.99, all of which we can use from our Communications funds that we receive through SE Uplift.  For a total SEUL reimbursement of $187.99 out of the $193.50 that we had left to use for this year. Discussed where SE Uplift fits into our world, and what they do (supports neighborhoods and organizations in SE Portland).

Duane discussed our Budget for the next year. Ute will contact SE Uplift to inquire about the budget.

Fundraising: Should we have a neighborhood clean up next year? If we want to do a pancake breakfast the church has stated they would be willing to help us out. We are open to suggestions for any additional fundraisers and we are always looking for more volunteers to take the lead.

Land Use Committee: At the Land Use Meeting we brainstormed options in trying to solve the problem at the pinch point along SE Woodward between 61st & 62nd. Marcelle (Land Use Chair) has been trying to get a hold of our contact from PBOT but has had no luck.

A reminder that we do need more folks to step into board positions. We are currently without a vice-president, official secretary, and communications committee. The election for the position of president will be next spring.

Date of the Harvest Fest was discussed, we want to try to keep a consistent day every year, we have had it on both the 2nd Sunday and the 3rd Sunday recently, and it was suggested that we keep it the same every year. No one had any problem with that so Ute will check with Carolyn at the church to see if that will work for them since they co-host the event.

Also it would be nice to do something for the neighborhood with some of our funds; beneficial for individuals, or a group.

Friends of Trees neighborhood coordinator and South Tabor resident Wren talked about the upcoming planting in our neighborhood, November 3rd. The day of our tree planting they will also have Crew Leader training in the morning, the volunteers will meet at noon, have lunch and then take off in the neighborhoods to plant.

The city offers NET (Neighborhood Emergency Team) training so you can be more prepared in emergency circumstances. If you are interested in signing up there is more information at the Portland Bureau of Emergency Management website. BEECN (Basic Earthquake Communication Node) is another crucial element in an emergency situation (such as an earthquake). Our closest BEECN is located in Clinton Park.

Amanti from Keny-Guyer’s office gave us a list of some of her current priorities. Her website is alissakenyguyer.com and if you want to join her email list you can send an email to alissa@alissakenyguyer.com, include your contact information along with what you are interested in and organizations you are associated with.

Meeting adjourned at 8:20pm.

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