November 15, 2018 Meeting Minutes

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Board meeting

15, 2018

Duane Hanson, President; Ute Munger, Treasurer: Marcelle Thurston,
Land Use Chair; John Carr, Land Use Committee; Peter Forsyth,
Communication Chair; Ben Ott, Karen, Wren Shiffler

started: 7:08pm.



  • Land
    Use Committee (LUC) Meeting minutes submitted and discussed. The
    committee reviewed the Kellogg Land Use Notice (Case#LU18-169865),
    the areas for request for adjustments, and the letter of support
    drafted by John Carr on behalf of the LUC. Board endorsed letter
    with vote of support. John will add Duane’s signature and Marcelle
    will submit to the City of Portland, Bureau of Development Services
    by Friday, Nov 16, 2018.

  • Group
    briefly discussed timelines of the Kellogg construction and design.
    Attached is a link showing the planned exterior and interior look
    and feel.

  • John
    also provided a TriMet Division Transit Project update. They are at
    nearly 60% design completion. Focus is currently on the bus shelter
    designs on Division including how the bike path will go up and over
    to mitigate pedestrian and bike collisions. Timeline for
    construction to begin is at the end of 2019.


statement Balance as of October 31, 2018 was $4,488.55

from SEUL added on 11/13/18 $207.99 $4,696.54

$340.00 as approved below $340.00

Balance at November 15, 2018 $4,356.54

  • Current
    budget: unavailable

  • Group
    approved a check to Trinity at $300 for meeting space throughout the
    year and use of storage space; a check to Ute Munger of $40 for
    reimbursement for End of Year Party supplies.

  • Group
    also reviewed the Harvest Festival sign design and approved.


  • Finalize
    outline of 2019 budget. Tabled. Budget was not completed due to
    miscommunication for meeting with SEUL.

  • Reviewed
    and approved October Board Meeting minutes.


  • Information
    Kiosks: Two more are going into the neighborhood! John and Wren will
    coordinate for post digging.

  • We
    are looking for a Vice President and a Secretary. These will be
    posted on the STNA website and in the SE Examiner.

  • Peter
    Forsyth agreed to become the Communications Chair. The group
    formally voted him into the position and Duane will connect Peter to
    George Kepnick regarding the website.


  • New
    Short Term rental/airbnb: 3315 SE 62nd Ave.

  • Emergency
    Prep. Group briefly discussed the bank of solar panels planned for
    Kellogg Middle School. John will reach out to Tamara DeRidder and
    ask if plans include a battery for storage and use of energy in case
    of emergency.

adjourned at 8:29pm

is no meeting in December

Meeting will be Thursday, January 17th, 2019 at 7pm. All are welcome
and encouraged to attend.


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