May 2018 Minutes

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STNA Annual
Meeting and Elections 5/17/18

Written by Sandra
Hay Magdaleno draft 5/17/18,

Board Present:
Duane Hanson, President, Tina Kimmey, SE Uplift Delegate, Marcelle
Thurston, STNA Land Use Chair, Ute Munger, Treasurer, Sandra Hay
Magdaleno, Secretary and Sustainability

Members: Margie
Chambers, Jeff Maslove, Aurelia

(Board – I had
the land use sign up sheet, but do not have the May Elections sign in
sheet. I do not have anything to look at for all the names. These
were what I typed in while doing the minutes. We do need to send
the attendance sheets to SEUplift. – Any help will be appreciated.
Thanks much sandy)

Guests: Mireaya
Medina, SE Uplift Lianson with STNA, Heather Flint-Chatto with
Division Design Initiative

Meeting opened at
7:03pm with introductions from Duane Hanson

Marcelle, our STNA
Land Use Chair introduced Heather Flint-Chatto, letting us know that
about 90% of the Division Design Guidelines are completed. The
Division Design Initiative is asking South Tabor and other
neighborhoods for final input on signage, special buildings and/or
lots for special focus and asking for support of the Guidelines in 1
or more of 4 ways:

To adopt the guidelines. Period.
2. To adopt the guidelines and
advocate that they be part of DOZA
3. To adopt the
guidelines and advocate that they be part of Better Housing by
4. To adopt the guidelines and advocate that they be part
of guidelines/standards in the Division Plan District.

Next Marcelle
Thurston, STNA Land Use Chair asked for input and suggestions on
possible areas of focus for the STNA Land Use Committee for the
following year. Areas for consideration were fixing street/sidewalks
on SE Woodward, additional tree planting, the dangerous and often
used crossing at 79th and SE Powell, Creative Art Projects
grant and other ideas. It was noted that there has been much
dissension on possible road/sidewalk improvement between SE 60th
and SE 62nd on Woodward. The landowners along that area
feel a no car zone would be best for pedestrians and cyclists. A
suggestion at the meeting was perhaps one-way traffic for cars and
two-way for bicycles and pedestrians.

A member brought up
some questions regarding the development with Renaissance Homes and
whether they were continuing the residential development or not.
Further research will be done and reported back at the next meeting.
Marcelle also filled in some community members on the status of the 7
Dees area development. There was nothing new to report.

Ute Munger, STNA
Treasurer, reported that our old bank account was closed and the new
one is up and running. The April 30th statement showed a
balance of $,550.06 – $49.44 for metal stakes for yard signs and $200
to the Mt Tabor Stewardship Program. This balance does not reflect
the Communications Funds that will be available from SE UpLift later
in the year. She noted that over all we have about $1800 each year
going out and $1100 coming out. She stated that we are needing to
add some fund raisers now that we’re doing the street cleaning
rather that the annual clean-up. A pancake breakfast or spaghetti
feed was suggested. We’re looking for someone to take the lead to
organize one or both events. Email:
if you are interested. She also noted that there is material for
two more kiosks for disseminating information and we might want to
budget communications funds in the future for the costs of additional

made a motion, seconded by Tina to approve the Treasurer’s report
as presented. Approved unanimously.

The April minutes
were presented for approval.

moved to approve the April 2018 minutes with spelling corrections as
written. Marcelle seconded. Approve unanimously.

Next there was a
short discussion on the Clean Energy Initiative and the Initiative
was passed around for anyone who wanted to sign. If you’d like
more information, go to:

The next and very
important item was the ELECTIONS; The slate was:

Marcelle Thurston as
STNA Land Use Chair,

Tina Kimmey as SE
UpLift Delegate,

Ute Munger as

John Carr as SE
Uplift Land Use Delegate and

Tina Kimmey as
temporary Secretary until a new secretary can be found.

Motion made by Duane and seconded by Sandra to elect the slate as
presented. Approved unanimously.

Accolades were given
to Duane and his willingness to pitch in and wear many hats. He’s
trained Tina to take over the 9th annual Harvest Festival
in September that he has taken care of for many years. He’s worked
on the nuisance drug house, the long blocks at MT Tabor, the litter
street clean ups, Franklin High School projects and Mt Tabor
Stewardship funds. Thank you, Duane and all our volunteers!

5/19/18 is the
next street clean up. It was noted that we can look for
reimbursements from some additional source such as CCE and keep it
pretty Rose City. Duane reported that we worked with SOLVE and
Paint the Town Green.

The Emergency
Prep Team meets on Saturday 5/26/18 at 10am at East Portland Coffee
Roasters on 80th and SE Division.

It was reported
that Ute and Duane cleaned up the storage area and gave the
mismatched canopies to a homeless camp. Feeling great that we are a
little more organized. Next will work on a new inventory. There
was a reminder that National Night Out is the first Tuesday in
august. There is talk of perhaps organizing a STNA Night Out perhaps
at Clinton Park or maybe join forces with Foster Powel NA or the Net
Team. National Night Outs were originally established for crime
prevention and getting to know your neighbors. Ideas and/or
organizers are welcome. Please email
to bless the neighborhood with your skills and ideas.

A question was
asked about re-doing/re-funding street painting at Woodward and SE
67th. We may have a new volunteer to help organize.
Often murals apply for fiscal sponsorship and tax deductible
donations from businesses and individuals.

Communications reported that the new word press for the website is
ready to go and hasn’t yet launched. There was some discussion of
what communications were needed, how to get more people involved, how
to get more competitive communications funds. No action taken at
this time.

Meeting was
adjourned at 8:31pm.

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