May 18th, 2017 Board Meeting Minutes

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STNA General Meeting, Thursday, May 18, 2017
Written by Sandra Hay Magdaleno (Notes from Tina Kimmey), Approved 8/17/17

Board: Duane Hanson, George Kepnick, Tina Kimmey

Members: Ute Munger, Liz Willbach

Guests: Mireaya Medina, SEUL, Jeanne Scilley, NET, Karen Irish-Borrego from Legal Shield on Profiling, Brenda Martin, Trimet.

Duane opened the meeting with introductions at 7pm.

Duane updated the membership regarding the nuisance home at 3103 SE 666th. He met with the DA and also has been working with Office Randy Teig on how to deal with homelessness and nuisance homes. The DA said he could not directly help Brian Bowers who was arrested for shooting into the ground when he was being harassed. The DA said as he wasn’t there and was not directly impacted there wasn’t anything else that could be done at this time. The officer understood that yes, the nuisance folks from all the neighbors input had put in a false police report to harass Brian. However, the system requires that the report must go through the legal system.

Next came the Land Use Report. Duane gave a summary based on the email from John Carr, our Land Use Chair. First Leah is the land use contact from SEUL and along with many other land use issues, helps keep the neighborhood associations abreast of demolition issues. There is work being done to address and change rules regarding asbestos, lead, etc when it comes to demolition. There will be more updates later in the year.

George, our communications chair let us know he is working on a new updated website that will make it very easy for people to become members and get additional information.

The treasurers report was given by Duane. The current bank account is $5723.27. He also let us know that the Emergency Prep Workshop had excellent and informative presenters and there was a great turnout. The event netted $131 which was donated to the Red Cross from STNA. Awesome.

Next, Karen Irish-Borrego with Legal Shield gave an enlightening presentation on profiling and how ID protection can help.

Officer Heidi Kreis with East Precinct located at SE 106th and Washington said the East Precinct covered Cesar Chavez to Gresham border and Northern border to South Clackamas. The East Precinct has been monitoring nuisance homes on 66th and 80th and Center and the park nearby. Unfortunately, statistically there are 1.4 officer per 1,000 residents. There are 800 sworn officers which are numbers that are about the same as the 80’s. The numbers of officers are so low that the Mounted Police Unit is going away. Many specialty units are dissolving and officers are being pulled from gang units, domestic violence, street crimes and DVD. She also wanted people to know that stolen cars are often recovered due to modern technology. It’s very easy to break into cars and she suggests using “a Club” to deter break ins.

To know more go to: You may also email with specific issues. We were also informed that all officers get behavioral health training as part of their basic training and every year going forward as part of the ECIT.

MOTION: A motion to adopt the March regular Minutes , the April Meeting Minutes amended with the paragraph that begins with “Duane went through”….to include, “and he discharged his firearm into the ground.”, and to adopt the May 9th Emergency meeting minutes regarding the 7 Dees/Storage Unit proposal, was made by Duane. It was seconded by George and approved unanimously as amended.

Brenda Martin with TriMet presented information on the Division Transit Project. TriMet is feeling confident that the federal funding will be forth coming. With the beta testing and the projected growth of riders of 500 new people every 2 months funding is likely. There will be an open house for all on June 29 from 5-7:30pm at PCC, SE to get community input on the preliminary station footprints.

TriMet is working toward a green fleet for Portland by 2035. They are assessing the possibility for the Division Transit Project.

Next, Mireaya with SEUL reported that we need a chair and a treasurer to make the board legal. SEUL will be doing their new board member training at SEUL on June 22nd for anyone who would like to attend. No one stepped up to take over the Chair position, so Duane will remain until a new person is identified and approved. We must still deal with the treasurer issue.

Motion: A motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Duane and seconded by George and approved unanimously at 8:30pm.

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