June 18th, 2015 Board Meeting

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South Tabor Neighborhood Association Meeting
June 18, 2015
In Attendance: Rose Hart, George Nicola, Jessie Bond, Duane Hanson, Ute Munger, Shem Harding, Dante Messina, Sandra Hay Magdaleno, Brenda Reddaway.
The meeting was called to order at 7:04.
New Business: Jessie Bond spoke about the local and regional nonprofit, Clean Energy Works. Clean Energy Works focuses on single family homes, providing “one stop shopping” experience that begins with a free energy audit consisting of a two hour assessment of the house’s energy efficiency and possible areas of improvement. There is no obligation to purchase products or services. The organization provides help in finding contractors and securing financing, and provides third party quality assurance. There is a possibility that funding from FEMA to do seismic work on houses might become available this summer. Clean Energy Works will be sponsoring movies in the park, where an information table will be set up. More information can be found at www.cewo.org.
Clean Up wrap up: The Clean Up was very successful. More than 105 cars, and several bicycles came through the line. Discussion was tabled until Jana is available to provide more information about the overall financial picture.
Harvest Fest: The Harvest Festival will be held on Sunday, September 13, from noon to 4:00 at Trinity Church. There are plenty of opportunities to volunteer! Coffee will be provided by Stumptown, this year. We have a new logo for the event, which was designed by Erik Berglund.
Motion: Sandra Hay Magdaleno made a motion to pay $28 to Erik for the design of the logo. Brenda Reddaway seconded the motion, which was carried unanimously.
We also voted on which version of the Harvest Fest logo to put on the ASK letter (a fundraising letter for the Harvest Fest) The need to approach donors at a time in their donation cycle when they still have money available for charitable contribution was discussed. Duane would like help in approaching donors and contacting local businesses.
Neighborhood Yard Sales: Duane Hanson brought up the idea of coordinating a neighborhood wide yard sale for a weekend in late August. Individuals would be conducting their own yard sales, and shoppers could go from place to place in a shopping extravaganza. August 23rd was suggested. Discussion was tabled until next month, to see if there is enough interest.
Land Use Report: The committee met last week, and discussed moving the meeting to the 3rd Tuesday of the month. Shem will check with Trinity Church to see if there is space available. The Bureau of Planning will be studying single family zones, and doing community outreach. The goal of the study is to assess how current zoning is performing and make code adjustments to ensure more compatible infill development and increase the variety of available housing types.
The goal is to increase density, while addressing community concerns.
The Powell-Division Transit and Development Project is moving forward. Two options are being considered. The first is a bus/rapid transit route that would go from 82nd to Powell, and into the downtown. The second would go from Division, down 52nd to Powell.
Mt Tabor Reservoir: The Portland City Council tabled a vote on the disconnection if the Mt Tabor reservoir, after a controversial hearing. Much of the controversy surrounds provisions of the Landmarks Commission Decision that require the Water Bureau to restore the reservoirs and buildings and maintain water levels in the reservoirs at “historic levels.” There will be a vote at the City Council meeting, held on June 25th at 2pm. .
Communications Report: The Communications Committee is working on getting advertising for the newsletter, and has signed up for training with SE Uplift.
There has been a discussion on the neighborhood website about the possibility of creating a street painting, possibly at the intersection of 67th & Woodward. To do this, a spot needs to be chosen, the idea approved by the people in the surrounding area, and an application made to the City Repair Project. The money and labor for the project would be provided by the participants. An estimated budget for a simple street painting is about $300. Interest was expressed, and those who would like to be involved in a project of this kind are encouraged to attend the STNA meeting or go to the SNTA Facebook page to join the conversation. Brenda Reddaway is willing to be a contact person, and can be reached through the STNA website. More information on community based art can be found at www.cityrepair.org.

Treasurer’s Report: The books are reconciled through April 30, 2015. The account balance at that time is $6390.84. There are additional income and expenses, due to the Clean Up and communication, that will be updated in May and June.
The President’s Report was tabled, in interest of time.
Motion: Sandra Hay Magdaleno moved to approve the May minutes, with a few changes made. Uta Munger seconded the motion.
George Nicola has nominated STNA for the Spirit of Portland Award, particularly commending us for working in the area of crime prevention and safety problems. He asked for an update of activities, and South Tabor’s working with the Multicultural Center, and regular reports on the Jade District were mentioned. Thank you George for the recognition!
Motion: A motion was made by Ute Munger to approve the budget through April, and was seconded by Brenda Reddaway. The motion was approved.
Motion: A motion was made by Rose Hart to adjourn the meeting, and was seconded by Brenda Reddaway.
The motion was passed unanimously, and the meeting was adjourned at 8:37pm.

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