July 20th, 2017 Board Meeting Minutes

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STNA Meeting Notes 7/20/2017
Written by Duane Hanson, 7/20/17, Revised by Sandra Hay Magdaleno, 8/17/17, Amended and Approved 8/17/17

Board Present: Duane Hanson,President, John Carr, SEUPlift Land Use Chair and STNA Land Use Chair.

Members Present: Stacie Greer, RF Munson, Mary Karter, Joan Fredricksen.

“South Tabor Neighborhood Association” met for General Meeting Thursday, July 20th of 2017 at Trinity Fellowship Church.

The meeting was opened promptly at 7:01 PM by President Hanson with introductions being made amongst the guests. (There was no Portland Police Bureau Officer present.)

Our STNA treasury currently holds $5490.89 as of June 30th 2017. President Hanson added that a check for $40 went out for the CT-12 (for 2016) to the Department of Justice and he will be writing an additional check (due by the end of the month) for our PO Box at Crestin Station.

MOTION: President Hanson moved (& Stacie Greer seconded): “That we submit our $875 communications budget to South East Up Lift for reimbursement for this year. (MSA). Passed unanimously.

The Trimet response letter to South Tabor’s proposal of electric buses for the rapid transit line was read aloud by the various members in attendance.

Our hope is that Trimet will see the value of getting ahead of the curve in meeting the cities 2035 goal of a 100% renewable energy vehicle fleet. John commented that other southeast Neighborhood Associations have come on-board with the idea!

Our eighth annual “Harvest Festival” will be Sunday, September 10th from noon to four PM and currently we are seeking family friendly musical acts, as well as raffle prize donations. (Updated flyers went out to the kiosks today, as well as meeting attendees.)

Stacie Greer, Joan Fredrickson, and John Carr (Land-Use Chair) discussed updates to the latest letter to developers regarding the Powell self storage facility. With additional discussion the letter was fine-tuned.

MOTIOIN: Joan Fredricksen moved and Stacie Creer seconded: That we: “Send the letter via land-use chair with minor amendments discussed tonight.” (MSA) Passed unanimously.

Those in attendance were also in agreement that we should support the Jade Night Market, staffing a booth with Foster Powell. Mary Karter has agreed to help staff the booth along with Tina Kimmey (and potentially Duane) Saturday the 19th, as well as the 26th of August.

Individual emergency preparation efforts were discussed, as well as the coming of a new Airbnb to 2520 S. E. 79th unit B.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:05 PM. The next meeting is Thursday, August 17th at 7 PM.

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