January 21st, 2016 Board Meeting Minutes

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“South Tabor Neighborhood Association” General Meeting notes, Thursday, January 21st, 2016. (Prepared by Duane Hanson)

-Meeting opened at 7:00p

-Present were: Annette & Kevin (65th&Franklin), Tiffany (71st&Woodward), Charles “Chip” S.(66th&Woodward), Brenda R.(64th&Franklin), Joel S. (68th&Woodward), Morgan (74th&Tibbetts/Franklin), Melissa C. (79&Taggart), Susan H. (66th&Franklin), Christian H, Jade District liaison (65th&Franklin), Tin Le (Division Dental, 73rd&Division) & Duane H, President/Secretary (63rd&Franklin) Also attending: PPB Officer Tim Bacon

-Meeting began with an, in-depth Q&A w/ Officer Bacon regarding alleged “drug House” on 66th & Woodward.  Rights, rules, responsibilities & strategy were discussed.

-Old business was discussed, with President Hanson sharing, “Green Zebra” plan to open doors below a 126 unit apartment complex to be constructed on the SW corner of 50th & Division, sometime within the next eighteen months.

-New business was discussed, including a proposed Street Painting application fee request of $125 (MSA)

-Increased traffic concerns led to request for President Hanson to send PBOT a request letter for 71st & Woodward traffic impact study. (Last one was conducted in 1998.) Sixty year resident, Joel S. shared some area history on the subject. (MSA)

-A Powell Blvd litter removal project was discussed, as “perimeter trash” is seen as a current eyesore for residents/passers by.  This will be held Saturday, March 26th, 9a-12p, with HQ (snacks/tools/porta potties) in the dentist’s parking lot at 62nd & Powell. Brenda R. will lead this effort, working w/ SOLV. Estimated cost:$700, w/ expenditure outline to be voted on at Feb 18th STNA meeting.

-A previously discussed BIG TOP event to be held at Jade/APANO metro furniture store on 82nd & Division will be pushed back to May or June. Goal is to bring in neighbor’s to hear speakers on relevant neighborhood issues such as proposed sewer repair project, 64th/Division Mt Tabor park entrance, infill, visioning, etc.  (Food, drink, and childcare provided by STNA.) Christian H. will liase in this effort.

-Meeting adjourned at 8:40p

Next meeting Thursday February 18th, 7p.

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