January 18th, 2018 Board Meeting Minutes

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STNA Board Meeting 1-18-18
Written 1-18-18 by Sandra Hay Magdaleno, Approved 2/15/18

Board present: President Duane Hanson, SE Uplift Board Delegate Tina Kimmey, Treasurer Ute Munger, Secretary Sandra Hay Magdaleno, STNA Land Use Chair and SE Uplift Land Use Delegate John Carr.

Neighborhood Members: Richard Cordoza, Mary Karter, Susie Silva-Strommer, Therese Miller, Bill Kittle, Chip Sudbeck, Anne Mundt, Marcelle Thurston, Pete Forsyth, Colleen Loprinzi, Tim Hardin, Teresa Nowicki

Introductions started by President Duane Hanson at 7:01pm

Our first order of business was a report from Pete Forsyth on the Eagles Lodge on 50th and SE Hawthorne and recent events. The local Eagles Lodge had some administrative issues and the national Eagles had come in to sell the building and land for a healthy sum for development for a large condo complex as well as take away the local charter. Pete and other members were able to work with the National Eagles affiliation to get back the charter and the land sale was stopped. The problems had been governance and social and nothing to do with financials.

Pete asked people to stop by, take a look around and consider membership in a great organization with a strong charitable purpose. They are one of the largest supporters of the Oregon Food Bank and have given support to organization like Outside In, Sisters of the Road, Free Geek and many others. Their Facebook page is: eastporlandeagles.

All are invited to their twilight rummage sales on the 3rd Saturday of most months from 4-8pm. There is live music, burger and fries and of course the bar. It is great fun and an awesome way to meet our neighbors and learn more about the organization.

Next on the agenda was a report by our neighbor on SE 66th, Chip Sudbeck, with good news regarding a “nuisance house.” For the past 3.5 years he and many of the neighbors along the block have struggled with the problems associated with a “nuisance house” or house with much drug and illegal activity. After working with many different city agencies and groups including police, Neighborhood Responses Teams, Animal, Environmental, Code, Noise and other ordinances and departments, and finally a year long lawsuit, the home has been cleaned up and sold. What an accomplishment and great relief and joy for local neighbors. They now again have peaceful enjoyment of property. Additional the homeowner is now detoxed and in assisted living and doing much better. Congratulations to all of you for your diligence, persistence and neighborhood team work. Also, one of the neighbors, Brian, was more or less exonerated from an event with 18 transients on his property.

Next on the agenda was our guest speaker, Susie Strommer, who asked us to sponsor tthe PTSA Franklin Highschool Auction 2018. She reported that 25% of the auctions earnings go to the FHS for FTE. This year the FTE was used to Change Franklins Outreach person to kids and families at risk from a part time position to a full-time position. The remaining 75% goes 100% to grants to student and staff requests. The grants are given out based on durability of items requested and/or how many students will benefit. The PTSA works closely with the school district as well to make sure the school district is taking care of their responsibilities such as sports uniforms, etc. This year one of the primary grants was given to repair a bunch of band instruments.

MOTION: Tina Kimmey made a motion to approve sponsorship of the PTSA Auction for the Ruby Slipper award of $250.00. John Carr seconded. Motion passed with 1 nay by the treasurer who felt we should work on a budget for 2018 taking more time to review and prioritize our goals for the coming year.

Next came the Land Use Report.

  1. John Carr reported on the Land Use meeting that was held Tuesday, 1/16/18. Most of the meeting was focused on our strategies for the upcoming 2/1/18 City of Portland hearing on our appeal on the proposed 900- unit storage building on the corner of 62nd and Powell, the prior 7-Dees property. A topic list will be mailed out to those that have worked on the committee and additional neighbors and businesses nearby have stepped up to give written or oral testimony.
  2. Reminder that the sewer work on 61st and Woodward may mean an old trolley rail will be dug up. There may be changes to the sewer plans due to many other issues at that site. If the rail is dug up, STNA will have 24 hours to move to storage for later use in the Division Transit Project.
  3. Division Transit Project was on track and looking good, with some possibility of electric buses. However, things are stalled for now as no “Small Starts Program” grants from the federal government will be made across the nation in 2018. This is normal in the first year of any new president of the United States, but was extended for 2018. The “Small Starts Programs” requires the project to not surpass a budget of $175Million and is a 50% match from the Federal Government to local funds. Waiting another year means higher costs, and more cuts. However, another year is better for the possibility of electric buses as battery prices and bus prices continue to go down with new technology and new competition.
  4. The construction of the residential homes on the north end of the 7 Dees lot has been slowed due to permits and other processes. It is still happening and hopefully construction will start sometime this year.
  5. John discussed the South Tabor Neighborhood Plan, drafted and adopted in 1996 as part of the Portland Comprehensive Plan. He noted that many of the issues we are currently tackling today are included in this plan. The link is: https://www.portlandoregon.gov/bps/article/94451.
  6. Mt Tabor Yard Meeting will meet next week to address the entrance and pathway from 62nd and Division requesting that the design would incorporate the historic nature of the rest of the park and land marks. We are all grateful for this discussion and look forward to possible changes.

Next a neighbor asked if we had a list of legal Airbnb’s in the neighborhood and had a concern that there were many more that are not registered. We don’t have a list and would be happy to entertain a new volunteer who would follow up and do additional research on this issue. Email: LandUse@southtabor.org to get involved.

Next was the Treasurer’s Report. We currently have $5095.85 with no bills outstanding. Ute our Treasurer also said that we need to arrange a review and inventory of our items in storage and also make a decision on the mismatched canopies and frames.

Ute also stated the EMS Water Conservation grant process was open to groups for Conservation Projects. You can get more information by emailing: Treasurer@southtabor.org.

Duane reported on Sustainability. There is now a BEECN trained person in STNA and she would like to start a STNA NET (Neighborhood Emergency Team). Duane our President is a NET graduate. Several others have signed up for the next training. The goal is to get the first 8 people trained and graduated and build from there.

Duane reminded us to make sure we had an extra bag of pet food for our pets and that we have a case or two of food such as peanut butter and things we would really eat for 2-3 weeks in a row and reminded us to eat and replace those supplies regularly so they do not expire.

Meeting adjourned at 8:20pm.

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