December 27th, 2017 Special STNA Meeting Minutes

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Special STNA Meeting 12/27/17
Written by Sandra Hay Magdaleno, STNA Secretary, Approved 2/15/18

Board Present: John Carr, STNA Land Use Chair and SE Uplift Land Use Delegate, Ute Munger, Treasurer, Duane Hanson, President, Sandra Hay Magdaleno, Secretary, Tina Kimmey, SE UpLift Board Delegate,

Neighbors and Guests Present: Pete Forsyt (Mt TaborNA), Ron Chambers, Darlene Zimbardi, Allen Maertz, Tim Parsons, Marilyn Anderson, Amy Lestat, ShawnMorgan, Anet Ris-Kelman, Shulamit Lotate, Anne Storrs, Jamie Orr, M. Thurston, Rose Hart, Richard Luta, Mariane Zenker, MaryAnn Schwab, Trisha Parks, Joan Frederiksen, Jeff Christensen, Greg Greer, Stacie Greer, Emily Sandstrom, BryanCrews, Zoe Overbeck, Margo Lata, Trey Lata, Alexander Aujero

While STNA does not generally hold a board/general meeting in the month of December, on December 20th our board president, Duane Hanson, announced an emergency meeting to address the City’s land use decision to approve the application for a 143,000-square-foot self-service storage development at SE 62nd and SE Powell, the site of the former 7 Dees nursery. More than 34 people attended the meeting, held December 27th at East Portland Coffee Roasters. The 28 STNA members in attendance, including five board members, voted unanimously to appeal the administrative decision to the Design Commission. Foster Powell neighbors that were there will take the issue to their neighborhood association as well. Reasons to appeal center around our continued desire to limit impacts on adjacent residential zones, limit traffic and vehicle movement impacts on SE 62nd, encourage more active street frontage on Powell, and ensure a forward-looking design that fits the neighborhood context and sets a good example for future development.

MOTION: A motion was made by John Carr stating that STNA file an appeal to the City’s Land use decision that approved the application for the 143,000 sq.ft. self-service storage development on SE 62nd. The motion was seconded by Tina Kimmey. After additional discussion, the motion was carried unanimously. No abstentions and no nays.

John Carr our Land Use Chair will file the appeal by January 3rd, and a hearing before the Design Commission could be scheduled for as soon as February 1st. Watch our website, the listserv, Facebook, and Nextdoor for an announcement. Our land use chair and committee will prepare testimony in the meantime. A strong turnout at the hearing in support of our appeal would be great!

Meeting was adjourned at 8:25pm.

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