October 20th, 2016 Board Meeting Minutes

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Meeting was called to order at 7:05 PM, by President Hanson. (Duane is also taking notes, in the absence of a secretary.)

Beginning with introductions, present were Sarah Hughey, George Kepnick, Paul Leistner, Anet Ris-Kerman, Wayne Hawthorne, Jin Wang (PSU Student), Duane Hanson, Tina Kimmey from Tabor East Apartments and PPB Utility Officer Julian Carroll. (Officer Tim Bacon has been reassigned, out of area.)

Officer Carole began by giving a report on the 15 people currently living at 75th and Powell camp. On-site recovered stolen property includes: tools and bikes. (Much of those things which were recovered cannot be returned due to lack of serial numbers.) PPB anticipates a cleanup and removal of the camp within next two weeks.

It’s currently as long as a six hour wait for “non-progress” calls due to the PPB being stretched thin. Twenty-two officers are ready to retire or resign and it will be necessary to hire 75 a year (and to keep all of them) to retain, and maintain, it in light of all of those leaving.

Officer Carroll told the crowd that typically squatter houses are cleaned out after numerous citations are issued for trash, derelict vehicles, etc.

Next was MTNA Board Member, Paul Leistner, who spoke on the future of the, “Atkinson Tabor Commons” (Former site of, “Café Au Play.”)

Mount Tabor NA, South Tabor NA, and Atkinson School raised $50,000 to acquire the property, after a forfeiture due to the (then) owner selling pseudoepinephrine out of the business.

After a two year sting involving surveillance from the teachers lounge in Atkinson, US Marshals and officers of the Multnomah County Sheriffs office shut it down. The aforementioned group pooled the money, banded together with SE Uplift, and reopened as a semi-successful coffee shop.

Paul Leistner asks folks to get involved in shaping where the property will go from here. (Meetings are forthcoming. Check social media for date/times.)

Next was speaker, Vicki Wilson, of “Foster-Powell Community Gardens”(formerly a gas station, the property is now owned by ODOT).

Vicki is inviting folks to get involved. In shaping the garden’s future, as a great resource for our community. Look for info on our Facebook page.

Duane reported that this year’s seventh annual, “Harvest Fest” profited by raising $246.88 for STNA!

Tin Le reported the STNA treasury holds just under $6,000.

Construction notices for major alterations coming at: 2505 SE 67th, 3012 SE 52nd, 5404 SE Woodward, and an AirBNB opening at 2437 SE 66th.

George Kepnick was unanimously voted in as new, Communications Chair. He will be updating our website among other tasks. Congrats George!

Next meeting is Thursday November 17th at 7p.

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