January 17, 2019 Meeting Minutes

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January 17, 2019 7pm, South Tabor NA January General Meeting

Board Members in attendance: President Duane Hanson, Treasurer Ute Munger, Land Use Chair Marcelle Thurston, Communications Committee Chair Pete Forsyth, SE Uplift Land Use and Transportation Rep John Carr, SE Uplift Delegate and interim Secretary Tina Kimmey.

Neighborhood members in attendance: Mary Karter, Janine Shockley

Land Use Committee report: We continued to brainstorm the problem area of Woodward & 62nd, and discussed how to move forward with PBOT’s Street Prototyping program. 

Treasurer’s report: 2018 we spent more money than we brought in. Started 2018 with about $5096, and are down to $4356 at the end of the year. It is proposed that we need to hold a some solid fundraisers this year so we don’t end each year with fewer funds than we started  with. 

Fundraising ideas: 

  • For a neighborhood cleanup it needs to be before June 30th. SEUL fiscal year July 1-June 30. Will table this idea at this time. 
  • A fundraiser that would be a smaller effort would be a pancake breakfast. The church has offered use of their space and provide volunteers to help in the kitchen. Will need to coordinate dates with the church. Subcommittee of Ute, Pete, and Janine will discuss and provide some details for the next meeting. 

Briefly discussed/explained NET, and BEECN. PortlandPrepares.org is a good website for more information. 

Neighborhood information kiosks; we need to find new locations to place them. John will put up a post using a certain type of anchor, and if it works well we will use that method for the other kiosks. 

Communications goals: 

  • Website updated more often, maybe once a week of a post of some sort. For posting on NextDoor or Facebook if we have the information on our website we can just post the link. Things that we could post at the website could include: Meeting minutes, meeting agendas, items from SE Uplift website. 
  • What can we do with Listserv? Steve Reinemer still receives phone calls for the neighborhood association, but if we are interested in getting a phone line we could use Google to set it up. 
  • Welcome postcards to new neighbors. With 100 houses a year being sold in our neighborhood it was suggested that perhaps we send a welcome postcard as a precursor to welcome baskets. The post cards will welcome new neighbors and invite them to join us for the monthly meetings.

St. Mark’s Church building proposal: This is at the beginning of their plan which involves developing their parking lot. They are currently working on funding. They are looking to house homeless veterans. The current proposal is for 38 units, 20 one-bedroom apartments and 18 single room occupancy units — shared kitchen and bathroom. SRO units aren’t allowed in the zone it would be built in so they will likely ask for exemptions or change how they define/structure the housing. One of the federal grants requires SRO units. Proposal could change over time. What might be next for this project: Early Assistance meeting with the City. 

TriMet Division Transit Project: FTA approval regarding federal funding delayed because of federal government shutdown. Bus procurement process set to begin this spring with a request for proposal (RFP) soliciting bids for 60’ buses with battery-electric, hybrid, and diesel propulsion options. 

Meeting adjourned at 8:29pm

Approved as read, February 21, 2019
—Pete Forsyth, Communications Chair, South Tabor Neighborhood Association

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