February 21, 2019 Meeting Minutes

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February 21, 2019 7:02pm, South Tabor NA February General Meeting

Board members in attendance: President Duane. Hanson, Treasurer Ute Munger, Land Use Chair Marcelle Thurston, SEUL LUTC representative John Carr, Communications Chair Pete Forsyth, SEUL delegate and Interim Secretary Tina.

Neighborhood members in attendance: Marge Chambers, Ron Chambers, Sue Castor, Alison Barrett, Melissa Curry

Land Use Committee: We had a guest from PBOT to come discuss the possibility of having a Street Prototyping project at our problem spot of 62nd & Woodward, and a bike advocate to discuss the 60s bikeway and how the project may also help with the Woodward issue. 

The area on Woodward that is very bad pavement, 62nd -67th needs re-paving. 

Call the pothole #, 503-823-2867 (BUMP). There is also the 503-823-SAFE for safety issues. 

Treasurer’s report: Current balance $4275.54

We had to pay a bill for the Canvas domain host for the website $81, and $50 due for CT-12 (Charitable Activities through the Secretary of State, to register of our name South Tabor Neighborhood Association) for the Oregon Department of Justice in May.

Duane made a motion to approve the 2 costs, Sue 2nds and the motion passes unanimously. 

Pete motions to approve November meeting minutes with amendments, Marcelle 2nd, minutes are approved. 

Move to approve January minutes. Motion by John 2nd by Pete. Unanimously passed. 

Tina moves to approve 2019 operating budget as written, John 2nd. Unanimously passed.

Communication committee report: New chair is updating website with meeting minutes. Created some news items to keep information fresh on the website. Is working on ways to submit information to add on the website. 

Discussion and agreement that the Pancake Breakfast fundraiser could be April 27th. 

Melissa Curry came to inquire on funding for repainting the intersection at 67th and Woodward. When the project began a few years ago part of the promise is that they would repaint it within 2 years so the time has come to repaint. Obligated to use City Repair, Village Building Convergence, and need $50 to apply, which then provides a discount for paint, which might cost $200-$300. City wide projects will take place May 31st -June 9th.

John moves to approve the $50 expenditure, Pete seconds. Unanimously approved.

Meeting adjourned at 8:29. 

Minutes approved with amendments, March 21, 2019. Unfortunately, the amendments have been lost; this will be announced at the August 2019 meeting, and minutes will be updated here if substantive errors are identified.
—Pete Forsyth, Communications Chair, STNA, August 10, 2019

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